How to Recycle Your Electrician Scrap

It’s not uncommon to find yourself with a pile of old wires that have been used for years at work or home. But before you throw them out, it may be worth investigating what you can do with them. Here are some tips for recycling your electrician scrap.

Sell Your Electrician Scrap

This is probably the most common way people dispose of their electrical scrap. If you sell your electrical waste, then you can make money from what would otherwise go to waste. This is a great way to earn extra money and help the environment at the same time.

Online marketplace such as eBay and craigslist are great places to start. You can post items like copper wire or even just an entire electrician toolbox full of old wire nuts and sockets. You can also post what kind of metal is in each item so that people know what they’re getting into!

Many metal recycling centers will take any type of electrical scrap from residential customers as long as it’s legal and appropriate for their facility. Some companies even provide free pickup or delivery of your items!

There are also electrical liquidators that specialize in purchasing old electrical parts at wholesale prices so they can be recycled into new products.

Reuse Your Electrician Scrap

The great thing is that there are lots of different ways to reuse your scrap, and they don’t all involve throwing it away. So, take another look at what else you might be able to use it for instead! You can use them as material for DIY projects such as:

  1. Use it to make jewelry: Wire can be cut into small pieces, which can be used as beads or other craft supplies.
  2. Use it to build a fence: Both copper wire and tinned wire can be used in a variety of ways to build fences and other structures around your property, such as garden walls or privacy fences.
  3. Use it as a garden tool: Wires can be used as hoses by poking holes in the ends of them and then attaching them to water spigots or sprayers (you can also use them to form flowerbeds).

Donate to STEM Programs

You can donate your electrician scrap to a variety of different programs; one of the most common programs in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math). These programs use donated electronics as part of their curriculum. They can be used for science projects or in classrooms by students or teachers who need such materials. The best thing about donating your scrap to stem programs is that they give back to the community while helping students to gain valuable skills.


So, there you have three simple tips to get the most from your scrap and keep it out of a landfill. It might take more time than throwing your old cords into the trash, but if you use these quick and easy tips, you will be rewarded with the satisfaction of knowing that you are doing something great for the environment. Call Franklin Metals today to discuss recycling your electrician scrap!