Construction Recycling

Myths About Construction Recycling Services

There are a lot of myths about construction recycling services. Some people think that these services only recycle certain types of materials or that they’re too expensive for small businesses to use. In reality, construction recycling services can benefit any business, regardless of size or budget. Plus, they recycle various materials, including metals, plastics, and glass. So if you’re interested in making your business more environmentally friendly, consider using a construction recycling service. Let’s assume it in detail!

Five common myths about construction recycling services

Here are the most common myths about construction recycling services:

1.    Only the construction site itself can benefit from recycling services

When people think of construction recycling, they tend to focus on the benefits of a single construction site. However, this is not always true – many recycling companies also offer collection and delivery services and other support options such as materials management plans designed to help businesses save money.


In addition, these companies often work with one another so that they can share resources in order to help municipalities achieve their sustainability goals.

2.    Construction recycling only saves space if it takes place at a new location or landfill

Some people believe that there is no real value in bringing recyclable materials back to a landfill after being removed from a construction site. However, this is not true – in fact, it can save space and reduce the amount of waste that goes to the landfill by extending the life of an existing landfill.

3.    It is too expensive to use recycling services

Using recycling services seems like something that only larger businesses or municipalities can afford to do for many people. However, there are plenty of options available for everyone, no matter their budget or how much they need to recycle.

4.    Construction recycling is only for large businesses

Small businesses may not think that they have enough waste to warrant using construction recycling services, but this is often not the case. In addition, many small businesses are located in areas where the need for these services is highest – near construction sites or in densely populated urban areas. As a result, it can be very beneficial for small businesses to consider using construction recycling to reduce their impact on the environment and save money on waste disposal costs.

5.    Construction recycling takes too much time and effort

The process of construction recycling can be quite simple if you work with a reputable company like Franklin Metals that offers comprehensive services. These companies will typically pick up your waste regularly and bring it to the recycling facility. They will sort through it there, separating recyclable materials from traditional ones that need to be disposed of. This saves you the time and effort involved with doing this yourself while ensuring that the whole process is handled professionally.


It is essential for construction companies to recycle materials because it helps the environment and saves them money. Construction recycling services are available to help with this process. If you are a construction company, be sure to contact Franklin Metals so that you can start recycling your materials today!