Top 5 Tools Every Scrapper Needs

Top 5 Tools Every Scrapper Needs

Metal scrapping is work which people can get considerable money from. It is a fairly common job that individuals worldwide engage in. Recycling scrap metal involves collecting scrap metals from various locations and then taking them to a metal recycling company so they can be melted down to make new things.

When metal scrapping, it is imperative to have some essential tools in order to get the best quality metals for recycling. Metal scrapping can only be done properly and effectively if a person uses the right tools. The tools used for metal scrapping help save time and effort and improve work efficiency. Here are some necessary tools every scrapper needs.

1. Magnet

Most metals are attracted to magnets. When looking for scrap metal, you must have a magnet with you at all times. The magnet needed does not have to be overly expensive. However, it is important to have a magnet that will help you differentiate between ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

Magnets stick to metals that have iron contained in them. These metals are ferrous. If no iron is present in the metal, the magnet won’t stick to it. Metals containing iron are usually cheap, so many scrappers prefer looking for non-ferrous metals. This is because they usually contain aluminum, zinc, or copper, which are worth more money.

2. Wire Stripper and Cable Cutters

Professional, experienced scrappers always carry these tools with them because they deal with many wires and cables when metal scrapping. The insulation in copper wires fetches a lot of money in some places in the world. Hence, carrying a wire stripper or cable cutter is important.

Some individuals carry razors or pliers around to cut cables. However, it is not very time efficient to do that, and it requires more effort. Depending on the amount of wire that is usually stripped, an individual can choose between a simple handheld wire stripper or a tabletop machine.

3. Hand Trolley

When hunting for scrap metals, it is necessary to move your harvest from one location to another. Moving larger pieces of metal might prove difficult to move. Hence, the need for a hand trolley. A hand trolley will help move the heavy scrap metal found to your vehicle.

Similar containers can also be helpful to scrappers in moving heavy pieces of metal around. Ratchet straps can also be used to secure the load on the trolley, so they don’t fall off during motion.

4. Metal File

During metal scrapping, it is common to find metals covered in rust. A metal file is necessary to help clear off the rust on the surface of the metal so it can be properly identified and organized. Plastic, chrome, paint, and rubber are often used to coat metals. Using a metal file will help you identify what metal is underneath the coating.

5. Cordless Reciprocating Saw

Frequently, when metal scrapping, large pieces of metal are discovered. These metal pieces cannot be moved easily and must be cut into smaller pieces. A cordless reciprocating saw helps cut through metal easily without any hassle. This will reduce the effort needed to be exerted.


Scrap metal can be found anywhere. Metal scrappers deliver these metals to recycling companies so they can be reused. During the scrapping process, some tools are needed for maximum efficiency and output, such as magnets, metal files, and cable cutters. These tools help make the scrapping process easier.